About Us

At Harbor, we are well aware that each family has its own unique taste and style. Therefore, we are committed to providing our customers with the most unique personalized home products, including doormats.

Harbor was founded in 2010 and is committed to providing high-quality home furnishings to customers worldwide. We focus on innovation and design to create unique home furnishings. We always prioritize customer needs and feedback to ensure that our designs and products fully meet customer expectations.

For our customized doormats, we adhere to the use of high-quality materials and printing technology to ensure the quality and durability of our products. Our doormats are made of high-quality rubber material and washable fabric, which are not affected by wind, sun, or damp weather. We provide you with various brown, black, gray, and colored door mats, and offer thousands of different colors, fonts, and pattern designs for you to use. You can choose patterns, patterns, decorations, or text according to your preferences to make the doormat the perfect representative of your family.

Our designers design and print personalized doormats one by one to ensure that each doormat meets the highest quality standards. We guarantee that every doormat you receive is specially made for you. We also strongly support reducing environmental impact, so we strive to use reusable and environmentally friendly materials in the production process and minimize unnecessary waste and pollution.

Our personalized doormats are perfect for any location, whether it’s a home, apartment, or store front desk. Our doormats not only look beautiful, but also capture the style and personality of you and your family, making your home more personalized and warm. Whether it’s an interesting pattern, guest name, family slogan, or company logo, we can label the doormat according to your needs.

At Harbor, we firmly believe that the family is a symbol of warmth and peace, and it should reflect the personality and style of you and your family. We cooperate with you to provide personalized home furnishings with unique styles and excellent quality, making your home more comfortable, warm, and personalized. Thank you for your support. We are very grateful to be a part of your home life.